Mike Repole is a Whiner

Mike Repole, owner of Vino Rosso, wants the Belmont stewards to take another look at the Belmont Stakes to see if Restoring Hope caused any interference that allowed Justify to capture the 13th Triple Crown.

Restoring Hope, like Justify, is trained by Bob Baffert, but both horses have different owners.

Repole thinks…Well, I don’t know what he’s thinking. I guess he thought that Restoring Hope went out too quickly, then sat behind Justify, acting as a “blocker” for the lead colt.

Here’s the thing. The pace was slow, the turns wide. Anyone could have challenged Restoring Hope and Justify, but they didn’t. In fact, Noble Indy, another one of Repole’s horses, was allegedly supposed to have challenged Justify for the lead, tire him out, and make way for Vino Rosso to win the race.

Oh, Mike, you can have your strategy, but no one else can?

Strategy or no strategy, Mike Smith put Justify out to the lead and kept a pretty slow pace. No one wanted to challenge him, leaving a fresh horse to finish the race with plenty left in the tank. Great horses find a way to win; Vino Rosso is not a great horse. Justify is.

Stop whining, Mike. You got beat. Badly.

Peter Lee

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