No, Justify Isn’t Lame

A video of Justify the morning after the Derby showed him favoring his left hind foot, which started the Interwebs chattering that Justify was lame.

Technically,  “lame” means any condition in which a horse is not walking normally, but there are so many connotations for the term. But it automatically brings up the possibility of a serious injury.

Trainer Bob Baffert quickly tried to put things to rest with a text message to reporters:

Justify “has an irritated pastern that we call ‘scratches.'” The skin condition is “very minor” and can be caused by wet weather. Justify is known to get it “off and on.”

There. It’s nothing serious. Walking on the gravel in front of the paparazzi probably didn’t help. He’ll be fine. Let’s just hope he has enough gas in the tank to get through the next two races.

Peter Lee

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