Bolt d’Oro, McKinzie Battle It Out in San Felipe

As expected, it was Bolt d’Oro and McKinzie finishing in the top two at the San Felipe Stakes. Depending on whether they agreed with the stewards’ decision, fans of both were either happy or dissatisfied.

McKinzie won the race, but after two stewards’ inquiries between Bolt d’Oro and McKinzie, first place was awarded to Bolt d’Oro.

Contrary to most handicappers beliefs, Bolt d’Oro broke well from the number 1 position and settled into fourth place behind Lombo. McKinzie, who was stalking Lombo, took advantage of the leader’s tiring pace and moved up beside him. That left an opening for Bolt d’Oro, and jockey Javier Castellano sent his colt through the opening as the two battled head-t0-head through the turn.

It was then that the first of two bumps occurred. Bolt d’Oro moved inside, seeming to touch McKinzie, but it didn’t bother the colt, who moved into first place heading into the homestretch. Bolt d’Oro didn’t give up, moving up to a head, but then McKinzie moved into Bolt d’Oro’s path, moving him about two paths to the outside.

Stewards decided that the first bump was inconclusive from various camera angles, but ruled that McKinzie indeed impeded Bolt d’Oro’s path in the final sixteenth. Since McKinzie won by a head, Bolt d’Oro was awarded the victory.

It was a reversal of the Los Alamos Futuriy, in which McKinzie was awarded first place after being bumped by Solomini.

The win vaulted Bolt d’Oro to the top of the Kentucky Derby standings. McKinzie, who was awarded 20 points for finishing second, is now sixth in the standings.


Peter Lee

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